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Remote health monitoring

Supporting rural GPs and communities

Remote health monitoring is a simple and effective way of improving patient care while reducing unnecessary visits to GPs and hospital emergency departments.

Patients check their own symptoms at home with an easy-to-use kit, including a touch-screen tablet. Results are immediately available to an iCCnet nurse to assess and, if required, escalate to a GP.


The service is for:

  • rural and metro COVID-19 patients

  • rural chronic disease patients

  • rural aged care facility residents.


Remote health monitoring:

  • helps patients remain at home
  • reduces unnecessary hospital and GP visits

  • extends the care of GPs into people’s homes

  • supports diagnosis and treatment

  • saves GPs time and frees up appointments for other patients.


View this short video of remote health monitoring at work

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COVID-19 monitoring referral form

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Phone: (08) 7117 0600 (9am – 8pm seven days a week) (iCCnet office, this is not for the Cardiologist Paging Service)

Email: HEALTHFMCiCCnetSA@sa.gov.au

Fax: (08) 7117 0635


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