About Us

The Integrated Cardiovascular Clinical Network South Australia (iCCnet SA) which incorporates the original iCARnet, aims to provide a state-wide provider clinical network which supports the practice of evidence based medicine and continuous quality improvement in the management of cardiovascular disease in diverse settings across regional, rural and remote South Australia covering a population in excess of 400,000.The fundamental aim of iCCnet SA is to remove barriers to the access to necessary, safe cardiovascular care and to improve clinical outcomes. The success of the network is based on comprehensive collaboration and integration of services between rural and remote health workers, iCCnet SA, and the other service providers across all health sectors concerned with cardiovascular health.

As the network continues to develop it plans to address current challenges in health service delivery such as:

  • Changing demographics, particularly with an ageing population and increasing demand for health services.
  • Health inequalities as determined by access to care and socio-economic determinants.
  • Workforce sustainability including the retention and recruitment of suitably trained and supported health professionals.
  • Implementation of electronic medical records for the real-time transfer of patient clinical information and for the monitoring of performance indicators
  • Health service organizational issues including evidence based best practice, safety and quality of care, efficiency, accessibility and appropriate resource allocation and distribution.
  • The health of disadvantaged groups, including the population resident outside of major metropolitan areas, particularly the Aboriginal community.

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