iCCNet established the COVID-19 branch in November of 2021 to support country health local networks to support COVID positive patients within their communities. iCCNet was selected for this role because of close synergies with existing chronic disease management systems of country SA patients. Due to the existing networks and relationships iCCNet was able to mount a rapid response with close relationships to the rural LHN's to support this group of patients. As of 14/03/2022 a total of 451 full monitoring kits have been distributed across these rural networks. These kits enable vulnerable patients in rural communities to receive support within their own homes from our nursing staff. A total of 386 basic kits have been distributed to support patients with additional needs in their COVID recovery. 

Meet the Team

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Ben Limoux   Kirstie McLaren   Edbert Lim   Nathan Williams   April Rivers-Kennedy   Milton Ortiz
Scientist (MES-2)   Scientist (MES-2)   Scientist (MES-1)   Scientist (MES-1)   Scientist (MES-1)   Scientist (MES-1)
John Denton   Jack Tredrea   Fizza Fatima   Gina Marryatt   Katherine Finney   Libby Gleeson
Scientist (MES-1)   Scientist (MES-1)   Technical Assistant   Technical Assistant   Technical Assistant   Administration
Gordon Lawrie   Diana Treloar                
Administration   Administration                

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